Sunday 10 January 2010

A Snowy Day on Kinder

Distance: ?km, Ascent: ?m

Edale was crisp and white when I arrived by train in the late morning. Colin soon arrived by car and we headed up Grindsbrook Clough. A dozen or so skiers and snowboarders were enjoying the snow on the slopes above the village.

There were some impressive icicles at various points and as the ground steepened it became icier; hence crampons were donned. Once up on the plateau we were exposed to the full force of the wind and by now almost in a whiteout.

We headed south towards Edale cross and then down Jacob's Ladder, where it became significantly more sheltered. The path was still quite icy so we stuck with crampons until we reached the road at Upper Booth.

It started to snow again as we walked along the road back to the car. I opted to get a lift to Sheffield with Colin rather that wait in the cold for over an hour for the next train. The journey was interesting in places, but as we descended towards Sheffield the snow gradually turned to rain and we reached the station safely.

Written up in September 2010 from memories and photos