Monday 28 April 2008

Moffat to Peebles - Day 3: Blackhouse Heights to Peebles

Distance: 16km, Ascent: 340m

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Owing to the lack of integrated public transport system in the borders, it was necessary for us to rise early this morning so that we could get back to Moffat by bus (via Edinburgh!).  We set off walking at around 6am; the weather was fine with the hills free of cloud.  It was a quick ascent to the top of our first hill of the day: Black Cleuch Hill (Donald Top).

We continued following the heathery ridge for several km to reach
Dun Rig (Graham) at 7:30am.  An hour later we were on the top of Birkscairn Hill (Donald).  From there we followed the Old Drove Road north along the ridge over the top of Kirkhope Law (Donald Dewey), and then skirting Kailzie Hill and Craig Head.  Shortly after 9:30am we got our first view of Peebles and could see the gathering dark clouds; would we be able to get to there before the rain started?

Once we reached Pebbles our pace quickened as we realised we had no idea where the bus to Edinburgh would stop!  Shortly before crossing the Tweed, the rain started and we ran over the bridge and into the town centre in search of the bus stop.  In the end we had time to spare and I was able to nip into a bakery to pick us up some tasty pastries.  Eventually we arrived back in Moffat after spending an hour between buses in Edinburgh.  However the walking of the last three days was worth it!


Written up in November 2010 from memories and photos

Sunday 27 April 2008

Moffat to Peebles - Day 2: Talla Nick to Blackhouse Heights

Distance: 23km, Ascent: 1090m

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We awoke to a dry morning, with the mist still clinging on in a few places; however by the time we started walking at 9:30am it had all cleared.  Our first hill for the day was Lochcraig Head (Donald), from where there were good views down to Loch Skeen.  We then descended the ridge to the north to Nickies Knowe (Donald Top), from where the views were excellent across to Talla Reservoir and Broad Law.

We dropped to our low point for the day at the Megget Stone, before ascending the long south ridge of Broad Law (Corbett).  The summit was adorned with a strange collection of masts together with the more usual trig point, which we reached at 1:30pm.  We then headed north-east to climb Cramalt Craig (Donald), followed by Fifescar Knowe (Donald Top) and Dollar Law (Donald).

From the summit of Dollar Law, we retraced our steps for half a km, before taking a traversing path round the east side of Fifescar Knowe to reach Notman Law (Donald Top).  Skirting round the head of the Manor Valley, we reached Greenside Law (Donald).  We then headed over Black Law (Donald), before camping in the Bealach just before Black Cleuch Hill.  All in all, a very good day’s walking with excellent weather!

Written up in November 2010 from memories and photos

Saturday 26 April 2008

Moffat to Peebles - Day 1: Moffat to Talla Nick

Distance: 21km, Ascent: 1180m

After driving up from Stockport this morning, we set off from Moffat late morning in the rain and headed north along the Birneck Water.  After a few km, we climbed up steep rough ground to reach Greygill Head, where the slope eased.  We continued up to Swatte Fell (Donald) in the mist.  As we reached Falcon Craig (Donald Top), the mist started to clear and we could start to make out our first Corbett of the day: Hart Fell.  By the time we reached the summit of Hart Fell (Corbett), just after 4pm, the cloud had completely cleared and we had excellent views, if a bit overcast.

We then headed east over a succession of minor tops, to reach Firthhope Rig (Donald Top) as the cloud was starting to lower again.  We made a detour to bag White Coomb (Corbett) at approx 6:30pm, before heading over Firthybrig Head to camp in the mist at Talla Nick.

Written up in November 2010 from memories and photos