Sunday 30 June 2013

A Short Amble at Dunham Massey

This morning we went for a pleasant family wander around Dunham Massey deer park, and whilst we were there I took the opportunity to test out the camera on my new phone.

Saturday 15 June 2013

A Springtime Week on Arran

Back in late April, we spent a week on the lovely Isle of Arran and this post is an index of the various walks we did that week.  Most of the walks were only a few kilometres long, due to mainly walking with my two year old daughter and my pregnant wife!  However I did manage to get out for one full day of walking in the northern hills whilst we were on the island.

The Giant's Graves
  • Day 1 - A wander along Brodick Bay, followed by a walk alongside Loch Ranza to Newton Point spotting seals and admiring the views
  • Day 2 - A very windy afternoon walk to visit the impressive Machrie Moor stone circles on the west of Arran 
  • Day 3 - A woodland walk in southern Arran to visit the spectacular Glenashdale Falls and some Clyde cairns known as the Giant's Graves
  • Day 3 Evening - A short coastal wander along Brodick Bay
  • Day 4 - A coastal walk along Arran's north coast to visit a large rock fall known as the Fallen Rocks
  • Day 5 - The Three Beinns Horseshoe: An excellent day's hill walking on Beinn Nuis, Beinn Tarsuinn and Beinn a'Chliabhain (Social Hiking map for the day
  • Day 6 - A short afternoon wander around Brodick Castle Gardens and Brodick Country Park
  • Day 7 - Seal Spotting on Kildonan Shore
We had an excellent week of walking, during which it rained at some point every day but it was also sunny a lot of the time too!  I definitely plan to return to Arran in the future, as I want to explore the northern hills further.