Saturday 26 April 2008

Moffat to Peebles - Day 1: Moffat to Talla Nick

Distance: 21km, Ascent: 1180m

After driving up from Stockport this morning, we set off from Moffat late morning in the rain and headed north along the Birneck Water.  After a few km, we climbed up steep rough ground to reach Greygill Head, where the slope eased.  We continued up to Swatte Fell (Donald) in the mist.  As we reached Falcon Craig (Donald Top), the mist started to clear and we could start to make out our first Corbett of the day: Hart Fell.  By the time we reached the summit of Hart Fell (Corbett), just after 4pm, the cloud had completely cleared and we had excellent views, if a bit overcast.

We then headed east over a succession of minor tops, to reach Firthhope Rig (Donald Top) as the cloud was starting to lower again.  We made a detour to bag White Coomb (Corbett) at approx 6:30pm, before heading over Firthybrig Head to camp in the mist at Talla Nick.

Written up in November 2010 from memories and photos

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