Sunday 18 April 2010

Pennine Way - Day 14

I think I must have forgotten that I didn't make it as far as Bellingham, when I ended up having a very relaxed start to the day at the campsite. This meant I didn't actually start walking until 9:30!

Anyway, once I'd actually started walking it was dry and occasionally sunny for the first couple of hours. After that light rain set in for the rest of the day; so much for the sunny day that had been forecast!
It took somewhat longer than expected to reach Bellingham, where I arrived at 1ish to have lunch by the North Tyne. Over lunch I made the mistake of looking at my guidebook, which claimed that it would take a further 7 1/4 to 9 hours to reach Byrness!

The afternoon was spent walking across boggy moorland in the rain and, at times, I wasn't feeling particularly motivated. By early evening, I finally reached the forest roads. I followed them all the way to the campsite in Byrness, where I arrived 6 3/4 hours after leaving Bellingham; clearly I must walk quicker than the guidebook writers!

A sign at reception states that I won't be entitled to a refund due to bad weather or midges. Luckily neither of them seem to cause me any problems as I eat dinner and enjoy a wee dram from my pitch by a small stream.

Position: llz=55.30501,-2.34993

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