Friday 22 April 2011

Easter 2011 - Day 1: Rannoch Station to Lochan Sron Smeur

Distance: 6.5km, Ascent: 260m

I caught a train from Stockport shortly before 7am and was in Glasgow for mid-morning. After a brief trip to buy gas and other supplies, followed by a well needed coffee, I headed over to Queen St for the train to Rannoch. I was glad I had arrived at the station 20 minutes early as I doubt I would have got a seat on the train had I been much later!

After doing a spot of repacking, I set off from Rannoch station shortly after 3:30pm. I headed east along the road for 2.5km before picking up the Road to the Isles track towards Corrour. It was quite hot and sunny but very, very hazy. I climbed Meall na Mucarach before reaching the summit of Sron Smeur (Marilyn) at around 5:30pm. I had a long rest on the summit, whilst admiring the views of the neighbouring hills.

The north slopes of Sron Smeur were quite steep and craggy in places, so it took longer than expected to reach Lochan Sron Smeur. The eastern shore appeared to be an ideal campsite, with short flat grass and a sandy beach so I opted to stop here for the night.


  1. Sron Smeur - an excellent little hill with fab views. Well done for choosing that one!
    You'll be missed on this year's Challenge, but it's good to see you getting out and about.

  2. Yes it was an good little hill. I decided that I wanted to climb something that day even though I didn't arrive at Rannoch until mid-afternoon. The views were excellent and I can also recommend my camping spot for the night, which came complete with a beach!