Wednesday 5 October 2011

Combe Valley

The forecast wasn't looking overly inspiring for today so we opted for a short walk with Isabel in the pushchair.  Combe Valley woods was somewhere that I hadn't been for years and I reckoned that we would be able to manage a shortish circuit with the pushchair.  We parked by the hairpin bend and set off at 11am along a narrow track into the woods, which soon opened out.

We followed this track for around a kilometre before crossing a couple of bridges and heading back west on the other side of the stream.  This track started out as a reasonable vehicle track but after a few hundred metres it narrowed and passed through a sort of tree tunnel.

Combe Valley woods
Soon the woods opened out and we had a choice: either cut down to the left and across the footbridge back to the car or straight on and a slightly longer route around on the road.  It looked slightly tricky to get the pushchair down to the left so we opted for the road and crossed the footbridge over the stream by the ford.  We soon reached the junction for Duckpool, re-crossed the river and began the steep ascent back up the road to the car, which we reached shortly after midday.

Mill Leat in Combe Valley
Ford over Mill Leat in Combe Valley

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