Tuesday 1 November 2011

An Autumnal Stroll Alongside the Goyt

Distance: 3km; with Isabel

It was a lovely sunny day in Stockport, so I decided to go and explore the section of the Etherow - Goyt Valley Way near Vernon and Woodbank parks, which is somewhere I've been thinking of going to for a while.  I set off from the Vernon Park car park with Isabel in the backpack soon after 9:30am and headed down a leaf covered stepped path to reach the Way running along the river bank.

River Goyt near Vernon Park
We turned right and followed the path past quite a few low branches, which required me to duck frequently due to the height of the backpack!  At one point there were good views across to Pear Mill, on the other side of the river, home to an indoor play centre and a climbing wall.

Pear Mill and the River Goyt
There was now a large meander in the river, which the path followed until we reached a small weir across the river.  Here the path started to veer away from the river, became made of tarmac and gradually started to ascend.

Weir on the River Goyt near Woodbank Memorial Park
Soon we reached the large open grassy area, dotted with trees, that makes up the main section of Woodbank Memorial Park.  The trees looked spectacular in their autumnal colours lit up in the sunshine.  We returned to the car along the broad, long track through the centre of the park, reaching the car around an hour after leaving it.  It had been a pleasant stroll, although obviously a complete contrast to my previous few posts about my Cairngorm backpack!

Tree in Woodbank Memorial Park
Woodbank Memorial Park

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