Friday 6 April 2012

Easter 2012: Past Backpacks and Future Plans

Last Easter, I spent 4 days backpacking in the central highlands between Rannoch and Corrour stations.  However this year I won't be off for an Easter backpack as Lynsey will be backpacking instead.  She has a nice route planned from Corrour station to Fort William over the Mamores in preparation for her TGO Challenge route in May.

But it's not just going to be Lynsey having some backpacking fun as I have at least two backpacking trips to the Highlands planned in the next few months.  In two weeks time, Colin and I plan to have another go at the Loch Mullardoch round that we had originally planned  to do back in October last year.  Then I'm also planning a 5 day trip over the jubilee bank holiday weekend in early June; no plans yet for where yet but it's likely to be somewhere in the north-west highlands or possibly the Cairngorms.

Corrour Station (taken on Easter Monday 2011)


  1. Oooh, plans. Plans is good!

    It's definitely that time of year when planning ahead can begin to alleviate some of the winter gloom that tends to accrue over the dark months.

    It's great to look forward (as well as back!) to exciting new outings - I think all walkers feel that pull at this time of year!

    1. Yes plans are indeed good, although I haven't really got any further than deciding which weekends I plan to backpack on in the next couple of months. So I've still got the fun of planning some routes :)