Tuesday 24 July 2012

A Sunny Morning at Dovestone Reservoir

Tuesday 24th July

Distance: 4km; Negligible ascent; Sunny and warm; with Isabel

For once the weather was actually nice when I had the day off work with Isabel so I decided that we should go out for a walk somewhere and Isabel agreed with the idea :)  There is a nice 4km stroll around the edge of Dovestone Reservoir up on the north-western edge of the Peak District, which makes a pleasant outing with an ATP, so this is where we headed this morning.

Looking NE over Dovestone Reservoir
It was warm and sunny as we set off walking from the car park at around 10:15am and headed north across the dam.  In fact it was so warm that I had opted to walk in sandals and shorts, quite a change from recent weeks!

Looking down Dovestone Reservoir from Yeoman Hey dam
There were good views across the reservoir and into the surrounding hills as we followed the good path in a clockwise direction.  I like walking here with Isabel as you get the feeling that you're pretty much in the hills even though it's not that far away from home!  And due to it being mid-week it was actually relatively quiet here today.

Looking west over Dovestone Reservoir
Isabel walked a reasonable amount of the eastern side of the reservoir, although she did keep getting distracted by the gravel on the path and the nearby sheep!  Eventually we reached the bottom of the Chew Valley, where it was noticeably busier with many families out for lunchtime picnics down by the stream - something to think about for the future.  Today however we headed back to the car and returned home for lunch after a pleasant hour and a half stroll.

Alderman's Hill and Dovestone Reservoir

N.B. 30/10/12 - Post date updated to actual date of walk, i.e. 24/07/12, (from 26/07/12)

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