Saturday 14 December 2013

Off for Two Days on the Dales Way

Tomorrow morning I am setting off for a couple of days walking on the Dales Way up Wharfedale from Ilkley to Buckden.  The following Social Hiking map shows my planned route (in pink), which should get overlaid with my progress (in orange) assuming that that I have signal and/or my SPOT works properly!  Once I've finished walking, I'll be uploading blog posts for each day at some point in the next few weeks.

See map on Social Hiking site or full size in a new window


  1. Sounds good - I like the Dales Way, it's a great walk. Hope you get some half decent weather for it.

    1. Thanks, I had a good time. It was dry for more than half of the time too :-) Posts with photos to follow very soon...