Sunday 24 July 2011


Distance 5.5km; Ascent: 230m; with Lynsey & Isabel

The weather this weekend was significantly better than last weekend, which had been a washout, so we decided to take Isabel out for a hill walk this morning.  Our choice of hill was Shutlingsloe, which is a shapely small hill just to the south of Macclesfield Forest.

We set off walking from the Trentabank carpark at around 10:30am under overcast skies and started to ascend gently up through the forest on good tracks.  After about half an hour we left the forest and continued on a slabbed path towards Shutlingsloe with occasional sunshine.  We reached the summit of Shutlingsloe (Dewey, HuMP) at 11:15am where we admired the views across to Shining Tor; however we didn't linger too long as it was quite windy up there with little options for shelter with Isabel in the rucksack carrier.

We returned back to the forest by our route of ascent and took an alternative track back to the carpark, which we reached at around midday, where we enjoyed ginger beer and ice cream :)


  1. Very good, keep it up you three. Are you collecting HuMPs? How about some geocaches?

  2. Well I'm keeping a record of the HuMPs that I climb as I use the website. However I'm only really climbing the ones near home and have no plans to try to complete them; there's far too many anyway! I've never done any geocaching though.