Saturday 24 March 2012

Alderley Edge to Hare Hill

Distance: 8km; Ascent: negligible (although ViewRanger claims 300m!); with Lynsey & Isabel

It was forecast to be a lovely day so it seemed a shame not to go out for a walk and there was a nice sounding circular walk between Alderley Edge and Hare Hill that I had been thinking about doing for a while.  Therefore at 9:30am we set off walking from the car park at The Wizard tearoom with Isabel on my back in her rucksack carrier.

View from Stormy Point at Alderley Edge
Initially we wandered through the woods to Stormy Point to admire the view, although it was quite hazy today.  From here we wandered SE and then NE through the woodland before crossing a small stream.  We then ascended through the Beech Cathedral, where the trees were very tall!

Some of the trees of the Beech Cathedral
The woodland made for very pleasant walking as it wasn't overly dense like Forestry Commission woods can often be and some of the trees were beginning to grow new leaves.  It continued to be very sunny and it began to get quite warm, even in the shade of the woods.

Woods between Alderley Edge and Hare Hill
New leaves
After passing a small lake and crossing an area of parkland we reached the gardens of Hare Hill, complete with several wooden hares.

A hare at Hare HillAnother hare at Hare Hill
The lawn of the large walled garden was a very pleasant place to take a break from our walk whilst Isabel had a good wander around looking at the flowers and being intrigued by the croquet and badminton equipment.

Hare Hill walled garden
After a picnic snack in the walled garden we continued our circular walk by following the main driveway almost to the road, before picking up a footpath along the edge of the parkland next to the road for a few hundred metres.  We were then on the minor road for a short while, before picking up the track towards Adders Moss Farm.

Daffodils at Hare Hill
We followed the track for just over half a kilometre, before turning left onto another footpath back to the car park, where we arrived at around half past midday after a pleasant morning's walk.  As the weather was so nice, we sat outside the tearoom for lunch before heading home.


  1. You'll have to go back when the Rhodedendrons are in flower!

    1. Yes, we intend to after we went just too late last year.

  2. I can't find a plan of the layout of Hare Hill anywhere. Is there one? It would be useful for planning a visit especially as I intend to take in Alderley Edge as well.