Friday 25 May 2012

An Afternoon Wander down to Montrose Basin

Friday 25th May

Distance: 3.5km; Ascent: negligible; Sunny; with Lynsey & Isabel

We were spending an extra day in Angus after Lynsey finished the TGO Challenge yesterday.  Therefore after saying our goodbyes to various challengers we headed out for an afternoon stroll in the Montrose Basin Wildlife Reserve.

Entering the Montrose Basin Nature Reserve
It was sunny and warm as we set off from the Old Mill car park heading for the Shelduck Hide, initially along a narrow path but then along generally broad tracks.  We crossed a disused railway line and I wondered whether there was any potential of incorporating this into a future TGO Challenge route (as it seems pretty tricky to avoid the tarmac on the final day!)

Disused railway line
Shelduck Hide was deserted this afternoon, so we took a look inside.  However there appeared to few birds around this afternoon, but there were good views of the basin and the River South Esk.

Montrose Basin and viaduct from Shelduck Hide
River South Esk from Shelduck Hide
We returned to the car park the same way, before heading back to our cottage to the east of Brechin for our final night in Scotland of this trip.

Heading away from the basin
Written up in January 2013 from photos and memories

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