Friday 1 June 2012

Backpacking again!

After a a break from backpacking in May whilst Lynsey was doing the TGO Challenge, I'm off to Scotland again this weekend for a backpacking trip.  Plans at present are to head over to Leeds this afternoon to meet Mark and Shona, before driving north either to Skye, the Loch Monar area or the Cairngorms - we'll decide on the way this evening.

I've decided to have a play around with the Social Hiking app, so if I get phone signal and if I've set it all up correctly then you should be able to follow my progress on the map below (but don't worry if there are long gaps or no beacons at all - it probably just means that I've got no signal!):


This map can also be seen full size here.  I hope to do a spot of blogging on route too if there's time in the evenings, but if not I'll be posting about it next week on my return.

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