Sunday 5 August 2012

Tatton Park

Sunday 5th August

Distance: 6km; Ascent: negligible; Dry and sunny; with Lynsey & Isabel

As it was warm and sunny today, we decided to head to Tatton Park for a morning walk based on one in our Cheshire ATP walks book.  However as we approached the park, we regretted not having checked the events schedule in advance as it turned out there was a large VW festival taking place there today!  Therefore we were directed to park in a busy field on the edge of the park; however once we escaped the area where the festival was taking place it was much quieter.

Flying Saucer at Tatton Park
There appeared to be some sort of art festival taking place at the moment with various installations dotted around the park, including this flying saucer above.

Clouds above Tatton Park
We wandered down past Melchett Mere and into the pleasant Crow Wood, before picking up a track past the Old Hall and lots of deer.

Melchett Mere
Crow Wood at Tatton Park
Deer at Tatton Park
From here we took a wide arc across the parkland to reach another art installation: a deer painted onto a broken aircraft's tail fin.

An Arty Tail Fin at Tatton Park
We returned to the car by walking alongside the very busy road through the park, which appeared to be a near constant traffic jam presumably due to the festival; however luckily we were able to avoid this on our way out of the park!

Written up in January 2013 from memories

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