Sunday 15 January 2012

A Wander Around Austwick

Sunday 15th January

Distance: 3km; Ascent: negligible; Sunny; with Isabel, John, Steph, Sierra and Jack 

Lynsey was away backpacking in the Yorkshire Dales this weekend.  I decided to head up to the Dales myself today for a bit of a walk with Isabel, so I arranged to meet up with some friends in Austwick this morning for an ATP walk.

View of some inviting hills!
We set off walking at around midday along a pleasant bridleway in the winter sunshine.  Soon we crossed Austwick Beck by way of Flascoe Bridge, which was slightly tricky due to it's narrow width relative to the pushchairs!

Flascoe Bridge
Austwick Beck
There were good views of the hills to the SE of Ingleborough as we headed along Wood Lane, past signposts for the newest section of the Pennine Bridleway, to find a spot by the edge of the track to stop for lunch.

Signpost for the new Pennine Bridleway
After reaching the end of the Wood Lane bridleway we returned to Austwick by way of the minor road, reaching the cars at around 2:30pm.  It had been a good short walk in the sunshine and I now headed to Horton to meet Lynsey after her two days of backpacking.

Written up in January 2013 from photos and memories

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