Monday 2 January 2012

A Circuit of Blakemere Moss

Distance: 4.5km; with Lynsey & Isabel

It was cold, but bright and sunny, as we walked out of the Linmere car park at Delamere forest at around 10am this morning for a circuit of Blakemere Moss with Isabel in her pushchair.  We wandered past the deserted Go Ape course and associated huts, complete with a wooden carved ape outside, and headed very gently downhill towards Blakemere Moss.

Delamere Forest
Wetland on the edge of Blakemere Moss
The path ran parallel to the lake, but the views were mostly restricted by the trees (dead & alive) and other shrubs that grow in the wetland on the lake's edge.  At one point we were able to get down to the shoreline to observe a couple of swans.  Shortly afterwards, our pace slowed as Isabel got out of the pushchair for a spot of walking for 5-10 minutes or so.

Swans on Blakemere Moss
We continued our circumnavigation of the lake, always sticking to the left-hand most path at every track junction until, about half-way along the SW side, there was another opportunity to wander down to the lake shore.  The view from here was excellent, with the dead tree stumps providing an excellent foreground in front of the more distant forest on the far side of the lake.

Blakemere Moss
Blakemere Moss
After taking many photos, we continued around the lake before realising that we were back where we originally met the lake.  Therefore, we turned right and returned to the car at around 11:30am and headed home after a pleasant morning's stroll in the sunshine.

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