Saturday 23 June 2012

Around the Grounds of Kedleston Hall

Several weeks ago we had arranged to meet up with friends today for a pushchair / baby carrier walk, probably in the Peak.  However looking at the weather forecast yesterday evening it looked increasingly likely that it was going to be a washout.  Therefore Jim and I had a re-think yesterday evening and we decided to go to Kedleston Hall for the day as we knew that we would then have wet weather options should the pessimistic forecast turn out to be correct!

We arrived at around 11:15am and walked the first section of the "Long Walk" before retracing our steps to the pleasure grounds where we had a picnic lunch.  The grounds were indeed pleasant and we spent a while wandering around them, before a short stroll along the river followed by tea and cake.  All in all it had been a nice day catching up with friends, and it was even sunny at times, with almost no rain! 

Gates at the start of the "Long Walk"
Pond in the pleasure grounds
Kedleston Hall
Bridge in the grounds of Kedleston Hall

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