Saturday 30 June 2012

A Long Weekend on Skye - Index

Bla Bheinn and Loch Coruisk
This year was the Queen's diamond jubilee year; this meant that the government had declared that we could all have an extra bank holiday in celebration, which was conveniently tagged onto the Spring bank holiday thus resulting in a 4-day weekend. What more excuse did I need to go hill walking in Scotland for a few days!!

I sought interest from various people and arranged to go away with Mark and Shona for the weekend. Due to the excellent weather forecast we settled on Skye, which I was very pleased with as I still had the northern half of the Cuillin Munros left to climb! We had quite a varied trip with two days scrambling in the Cuillin and two days backpacking in Trotternish. Many thanks to Mark and Shona for such an excellent few days in the hills! The good weather helped too!!

This post is an index of my blog posts for the individual days, some of which were written on my phone whilst on Skye (to which I've now added route maps and photos) and some of which were written up later due to lack of time...
All in all in was an excellent trip and I am looking forward to returning to Skye at some point in the next few years as I still have Bla Bheinn to climb, which looks awesome!!


  1. What a splendid weekend! And what weather - When ever I have been to Skye it has poured down or been a midge fest...

    1. It was indeed a splendid weekend!

      My solution to ensuring good weather on Skye is to not actually plan to go to Skye! The only time I've had bad weather on Skye was when I had planned to go there in advance. My other two trips there were arranged at short notice due to the good weather :)

    2. Although the midges were bad occasionally this time, most noticeably when we weren't able to camp quite where we wanted to on the Trotternish ridge due to it already being inhabited by a large extended family of midges!