Saturday 8 September 2012

Llyn Mair and a Welsh Rainforest

Saturday 8th September

Distance: 3km; Ascent: minimal; Sunny and warm; with Lynsey, Isabel, Rachel, Jim, Edward and Rebekah

We were away for the weekend with friends for Kim's birthday in a hostel in Tremadog.  The weather was excellent today so we arranged to go out for a nearby ATP walk with Rachel.  Isabel decided that she wanted to be carried rather than sitting in the pushchair, and so soon after 10am we set off walking with me carrying Isabel in her rucksack carrier.

Waterfall near Llyn Mair
Llyn Mair
It was nice weather for early September, and there were pleasant views across the lake to the woods beyond.  After a while we left the lake shore and gently ascended on a broad track, which was intriguingly waymarked as the Wales Coast Path; however we were several miles from the coast!  I assume that there must be a reason for this perplexing choice of route as there is a bridge further down the valley.

The Wales Coast Path, yet we were several miles inland!
Strange post
Once the walk was over we met Jim, Edward and Rebekah by the lake shore and opted for a second short walk; this time up through the intrigingly signposted Welsh rainforest to reach Tan-y-Bwlch station.

A Welsh Rainforest!
We returned to the hostel for lunch and later that afternoon Lynsey, Isabel and I headed to the beach for an hour or so.  We chose Black Rock Sands, which unfortunately seems to get used as a car park that somewhat detracts from the beauty of what would otherwise be a lovely spot!

Black Rock Sands

N.B. 30/10/12 - Post date updated to actual date of walk, i.e. 08/09/12, (from 15/09/12)