Friday 26 April 2013

Brodick Castle and Country Park

Friday 26th April 2013 

A short wander around Brodick Castle Gardens and Brodick Country Park 

Distance: 4km; Ascent: 100m; Sunny; with Lynsey & Isabel

Today we decided to have a relatively relaxing day in and around Brodick.  After lunch at our cottage we headed out for a wee afternoon wander around Brodick Castle Gardens followed by Brodick Country Park.

Brodick Castle Walled Garden
Therefore shortly before 2pm we set off walking from the NTS car park and entered the impressive walled garden, with good views of the castle.  After negotiating a few sets of steps with the pushchair we continued into the lower garden beyond.

In Brodick Castle Gardens
Unfortunately some sections of the garden were currently closed due to the discovery of Phytophthora kernovaie, which according to the information sign is a fungal-like disease that causes wilting and dieback of some plants.  However we were still able to access the impressive Bavarian Summerhouse, which dates from the 1840s.  The ceiling was particularly impressive, and there were also good views out over Brodick Bay from the summerhouse.

Bavarian Summerhouse at Brodick Castle
Ceiling of the Bavarian Summerhouse at Brodick Castle
We continued to walk through the pleasant gardens and eventually emerged to the west of the castle, from where we picked up several trails through the country park.

Brodick Castle
Goatfell from Wilma's Track
After following Wilma's Track, with good views of Goatfell, we picked up the rougher Millburn Track before continuing onto the broader Cemetery Track past the Hamilton Family Cemetery to reach the main Goatfell path.

Junction of Goatfell and Cemetery Trails
We followed the Goatfell path downhill all the way to the Claddach where I left Lynsey & Isabel having tea & cake in the Wine Port whilst I returned to the car by way of the castle gardens.

In Brodick Castle Gardens
Brodick Castle
Looking over the walled garden to Brodick Bay
Later that afternoon we headed into Brodick, from where Goatfell again looked very impressive!

Goatfell from Brodick

N.B. 11/06/13 - Post date updated to actual date of walk, i.e. 26/04/13 (from 09/05/13).

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