Saturday 27 April 2013

Seal Spotting on Kildonan Shore

Saturday 27th April 2013  

A short coastal wander on our last afternoon on Arran

Distance: 3.5km; Ascent: negligible; Sunshine and showers; with Lynsey & Isabel

It was our last day on Arran today and it was forecast to be the best day of weather so far, with unbroken sunshine forecast for the whole day!  We had heard that there was a nice coastal walk near Kildonan and so after packing the car and leaving the cottage we drove south.  After an early lunch we set off walking at around midday from the westernmost of the three car parks in Kildonan.

Looking west along Kildonan Shore
There were good views along the coast as we headed westwards, initially on a broad path before continuing across reasonably flat grassland behind the shore.  We spotted several seals basking on the rocks and swimming in the bay, along with a few oystercatchers, and here are the best photos of them I could manage with my compact camera:

Seals at Kildonan Shore
A Seal on Kildonan Shore
Oystercatchers at Kildonan Shore
We continued for a few hundred metres, past a small warterfall, with excellent views along the coast in both directions.

Looking west along Kildonan Shore
Waterfall above Kildonan Shore
There were also good views across the sea to the south towards the islands of Pladda and Ailsa Craig. 

Looking south towards Pladda and Ailsa Craig
At around the point that we decided to turn around we came across a small natural arch in one of the rocky promontories along this bit of the coast.

Small natural arch at Kildonan Shore
The sun was out as we retraced our steps eastwards, mainly sticking to the grass behind the shore itself as it was much easier to negotiate with the pushchair compared to the soft sand!

Kildonan Shore
Pladda from Kildonan Shore
We returned to the car at around 1:30pm and headed for tea and cake in a cafe in Whiting Bay, before driving north towards Brodick with excellent views of the northern hills.

The northern hills from the Lamlash to Brodick road
We left Arran on the 16:40 ferry in the sunshine after an excellent week :-)  We shall have to return another time as there was so much we didn't manage to explore during our week.

Our return ferry arriving into Brodick
Sailing away from Arran after a good week!

N.B. 11/06/13 - Post date updated to actual date of walk, i.e. 27/04/13 (from 09/05/13).

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