Saturday 15 June 2013

A Springtime Week on Arran

Back in late April, we spent a week on the lovely Isle of Arran and this post is an index of the various walks we did that week.  Most of the walks were only a few kilometres long, due to mainly walking with my two year old daughter and my pregnant wife!  However I did manage to get out for one full day of walking in the northern hills whilst we were on the island.

The Giant's Graves
  • Day 1 - A wander along Brodick Bay, followed by a walk alongside Loch Ranza to Newton Point spotting seals and admiring the views
  • Day 2 - A very windy afternoon walk to visit the impressive Machrie Moor stone circles on the west of Arran 
  • Day 3 - A woodland walk in southern Arran to visit the spectacular Glenashdale Falls and some Clyde cairns known as the Giant's Graves
  • Day 3 Evening - A short coastal wander along Brodick Bay
  • Day 4 - A coastal walk along Arran's north coast to visit a large rock fall known as the Fallen Rocks
  • Day 5 - The Three Beinns Horseshoe: An excellent day's hill walking on Beinn Nuis, Beinn Tarsuinn and Beinn a'Chliabhain (Social Hiking map for the day
  • Day 6 - A short afternoon wander around Brodick Castle Gardens and Brodick Country Park
  • Day 7 - Seal Spotting on Kildonan Shore
We had an excellent week of walking, during which it rained at some point every day but it was also sunny a lot of the time too!  I definitely plan to return to Arran in the future, as I want to explore the northern hills further.


  1. That looks like a good trip Alistair, but don't you mean "I want to bag more summits on the northern hills."
    PS Can you please send some of that weather to the Pyrenees!

    1. That might be true Martin ;) There's still 3 Corbetts and a Graham there that I haven't climbed!

      I'll try my best with the weather. It rained a lot when I was in the Basque country at the start of the HRP!

  2. You mentioned your pregnant wife. She must be close now to being 'post pregnant'. We do hope all goes or has gone well.
    Best wishes to you all
    Martin and Sue

    1. Thanks both. We'll let you know once our new arrival decides to put in an appearance!