Monday 24 May 2010

TGO Challenge 2010 - Day 11: Braemar to Water of Unich

As I write this, the cheese & wine party by the side of the Water of Unich has just drawn to a close and we've all retired to our tents due to the cold evening. Thanks to Alan & Phil for the invite; it was an excellent evening. I was glad that I decided to alter my route to include it!

I set off from Braemar shortly after 9am and followed the minor road south. After walking for 3km, I was relieved to discover that the footbridge marked on the map did actually exist!

Lynsey was waiting for me at the bottom of the track up to Loch Callater, which was a nice surprise. After saying goodbye again, I headed up to Lochcallater Lodge for tea.  The weather improved as I climbed away from Loch Callater to Cairn Bannoch and then onto Broad Cairn. The views across to Lochnagar were excellent.

At the estate hut east of Broad Cairn I met a group of challengers who had set off from Lochcallater Lodge this morning: John, Mick, Peter & Gerry. They too were heading for the cheese & wine, so I spent the rest of the afternoon walking with them over the rough ground riddled with peat hags.

We reached the headwaters of the Water of Unich just after 7pm. After 15 minutes walking, we were relieved to find a group of tents; they had stopped a couple of km short. I pitched my tent, had a cup of tea and took my Argentinian Shiraz & Wensleydale with Cranberries over to join the party.

Position: llz=56.89177,-3.10264

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