Sunday 23 May 2010

TGO Challenge 2010 - Day 9: Falls of Tarf to Braemar & Day 10: Rest Day in Braemar

I set off from the Falls of Tarf just before 9 on another scorching day, with not a cloud in the sky. I followed the path towards Fealar Lodge, before cutting up through heather to reach a welcome stream to resupply with water.

I stuck to the higher ground, occasionally following faint paths, as I ascended the west top of Carn Bhac. As I walked across to the true summit, the views across to the Cairngorm plateau showed that there was still plenty of snow up high.

I had lunch in the cooler air on the summit before desending north-east to Inverey, where I joined the road to Braemar. It was a boring walk along the baking hot road for the first hour of so. Then I met Lynsey, who had walked out of Braemar to meet me, which was a nice surprise!

We walked the final 20 minutes or so into Braemar together. I was feeling very warm from the day's walk so I headed straight an ice cream, before we headed to the Fife Arms to catch up with other challengers. Dinner was fish & chips followed by an evening in the Moorfield drinking the excellent Trade Winds :)

Sunday was a novelty, as it was an entire rest day; not something we've had in previous years. We saw many challengers around town in the morning, in Braemar Mountain Sports and at the Hungry Highlander. We took an afternoon trip a few miles down the Dee to spend some time looking round Balmoral, before heading out for an evening meal to celebrate Lynsey's birthday (only three days late!) All in all, a very pleasant day :)

Position: llz=57.00604,-3.40062

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