Sunday 16 May 2010

TGO Challenge 2010 - Day 3: Sourlies to Eas Chia-aig Waterfalls

After spending my third night on the west coast (this time at Sourlies), I decided that it was time I actually made some eastward progress!

It was sunny when I left Sourlies at 8am, and the loch was still enough to give a fantastic reflection of the mountains. The going was rough again in places on the way up the Màm na Cloich Airde.  At the top of the pass, I got my maps out and had a good look at the route ahead. My plan was to head over to Glen Kingie to climb two more Munros and then head east to Tomdoun. However, due to the time and the distance left to go, this was now looking somewhat unlikely.

I therefore decided to forgo the Munros today and instead I planned to head east along the length of Loch Arkaig, with the option of climbing the Munros above Loch Lochy tomorrow. Therefore to monitor my progress today & tomorrow, you'll have to zoom out on the maps of my planned route.

I made it to A'Chùil bothy in Glen Dessarry just as it started to rain. I had lunch inside in the dry, whilst the shower passed. I continued east along the forest track to reach the end of the public road; now I had 20km of tarmac and forest tracks to look forward to!

The walk along Loch Arkaig was nicer than I expected, with many opportunities for rests on the sunny beaches. After many hours, I finally reached the east end of the Loch just after 7pm. I headed slightly further east to camp by the Eas Chia-aig waterfalls.  All in all, a very long day! (36.5 km)

Position: llz=56.95533,-5.00101


  1. It looks like the markers are only uploaded when you have signal - there is nothing showing between Saturday lunchtime and today! We'll have to look at that when you get home.

  2. Yes it looks like that is the case. I'm not sure if it's my phone or Viewranger; I'll have to have a look at it at some point.