Wednesday 19 May 2010

TGO Challenge 2010 - Day 6: Melgarve to Dalwhinnie

Today looked to be an easy, but long, day, but somehow it didn't turn out that way!

John, Andrew & I left Melgarve just after 8:30 for the road walk to Garva Bridge and the day was already quite hot. After a few more km along the road, we headed S along a landrover track to the A86. The map looked to show a shortcut that cut off some of the road, but after following a track for 5 minutes, we ended up outside the garden of a big estate house. The woman who was tending the garden kindly let us through so we didn't have to walk all the way round!

We found a lovely spot to spot and dip our feet in the River Pattack to cool off, just by some waterfalls. The first hour or so from here went well along good forest tracks. However they eventually ran out and we picked our way across the open moorland. When we eventually reached the road near Dalwhinnie there was a handy sign informing us that the right of way we had just followed was not evenident on the ground, which by that time we had already worked out!

The new bunkhouse still had space when we arrived, so I stayed there and had soup, stew & cake for dinner :)

Position: llz=56.93517,-4.24245

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