Friday 21 May 2010

TGO Challenge 2010 - Day 8: Gaick to Falls of Tarf

Well what a day it has been! 31km, the first 20 or so over rough terrain, and it all in the sort of heat that you'd normally associate with trekking in the Pyrenees or the Alps not the Highlands!

I set off at 8:30 and headed east on a path overgrown with heather. When this petered out I continued east across peat hags to reach upper Glen Bruar at 11, which is where I should have camped last night. I was glad I decided not to push on last night as it would have meant arriving very late! However, I now had my entire planned day ahead of me and it was already 11, so even now I knew I'd be camping late this evening.  The next few km proved to be as rough as Ann & Alvar had warned. Eventually I reached the Tarf Water and had a pleasant rest on one of it's many beaches. The hour or so of walking down the Tarf was good, with the ground much easier than before.

I then turned south to skirt Loch Mhairc on the west side and then headed up Carn a'Chlamain. There were a couple of light showers during the ascent, but no sign of the forecast thunderstorms, so I continued on upwards keeping an eye out for anvil shaped clouds!

The views from the summit of Carn a'Chlamain were excellent and I could pick out all the peaks that Lynsey & I had climbed on a three day backpack in this area last year.  There was now a path all the way from the summit to the Falls of Tarf, so I was able to make relatively swift progress. However it was still 9pm by the time I arrived at the Falls of Tarf after a very long, but good, day.

Position: llz=56.89632,-3.67064

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