Sunday 15 May 2011

Bridgend Woodland

Distance: 4km; with Lynsey & Isabel

It was raining heavily as I packed the car at the youth hostel this morning, but by the time we reached the car park at Bridgend it had become lighter.  Our All Terrain Pushchair Walks book included one walk on Islay, so we planned to do that this morning before catching the ferry back to the mainland this afternoon.

We set off walking in full waterproofs with Isabel protected by the rain cover in the pushchair at around 11am.  The first section of the walk was along good forest tracks, which made for reasonably quick progress.  After we crossed the River Sorn, we turned right onto a less good grassy track although it was still plenty wide enough for the time being.  However as we headed further along the track it became narrower, although the majority of the time it was still just about passable with the pushchair, normally with at least one of the back wheels being in the vegetation beside the path rather than on the path.

There were also some very boggy sections of path, sometimes covered with flagstones, that required wheelbarrowing to get the pushchair through them.  By now the rain had pretty much stopped and it was beginning to get quite warm.  After reaching a crossroads, the path improved again and we were soon re-crossing the River Sorn and heading back up to the car park.  It had been a good stroll and a good final walk for the holiday.

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