Saturday 7 May 2011

Seil & Easdale

Distance on Seil: 3km; Distance on Easdale: 2km; with Lynsey & Isabel

As we had to leave our lodge near Oban this morning, we had a reasonably late start due to having to pack everything back into the car! We headed south to Seil and after a brief stop to admire the Clachan Bridge we drove to the southern tip of the Island at Cuan for our first walk of the day. We set off walking at 11:30am, with Isabel in the rucksack carrier, and managed to take a wrong turning and almost ended up in someone's garden (this of course is the problem with rights of way not being marked on OS maps of Scotland).

After seeking out local knowledge we were soon walking along the correct path north to meet the shoreline. The sun was out as we followed the shore northwards for 1.5km with excellent views of Mull and Easdale; we returned the same way and reached the car at 1:30pm.

We drove round to Ellenabeich and headed off for our second walk of the day; this time with the pushchair as there was a route on Easdale in our All-Terrain Pushchair Walks book. The ferryman kindly helped me lift the pushchair onto the small boat for the short crossing of Easdale Sound.

The walk was an anti-clockwise circuit of Easdale island past some of the interesting remains of its slate industry including many quarry pools. I took a brief detour to the highest point on the island to admire the views. Just as we were nearing the end of the walk it started to rain very heavily. As the ferry waiting room doorway was too narrow for our pushchair we went for tea in the island tearoom whilst the thunderstorm passed overhead. After 45 minutes or so, the storm had passed and the rain died down so we headed down to the jetty for the ferry back to Seil.

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