Thursday, 5 May 2011


Distance: 12km; with Lynsey & Isabel

Today was the day that the weather broke and became more typical of previous trips to the west coast, i.e. overcast and rainy! We decided to go and explore the island of Kerrera, which had a route in our All-Terrain Pushchair walks book. The small ferry was designed to carry the occasional vehicle, so we had no trouble wheeling Isabel on in her pushchair.

We set off walking soon after 10:30am and it was drizzling intermittently. There were good views across the Sound of Kerrera as we followed the vehicle track around to the Kerrera Tea Garden. Luckily this also had an indoor room, so we were able to get out of the rain. By the time we had finished our good lunch the rain had pretty much stopped so we wandered down the grassy track towards Gylen Castle, which we admired from the pretty bay of Port a'Chaisteil.

After returning to the tea garden we continued on a less good vehicle track to the house at Ardmore. From here we headed north on a rough track, which required the front wheel to be locked and occasionally having to lift or wheelbarrow the pushchair over some of the more tricky obstacles. However the ride must have been comfortable as Isabel remained asleep throughout!

By the time we reached the vehicle track at Barnabuck, it was raining again and it continued to rain for the remainder of the walk. We followed the vehicle track eastwards back to the jetty to wait for the return ferry, which is when Isabel woke up. All in all it was a good walk with some good views despite the weather!


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