Monday 9 May 2011

Kiloran Bay & Carnan Eoin

Distance: 4km; Ascent: 140m; with Lynsey & Isabel
We had a restful morning in and around our accommodation including a wander down to Scalasaig to investigate the brewery, shop & post office, which is pretty much all there is in the village. After Isabel had had a good nap we headed out walking for the second half of the afternoon.

We set off walking along the beach at Kiloran Bay at 4pm with Isabel in the rucksack carrier. It was sunny and the views across the beach were good to the hills beyond. At the far end of the beach we met a vehicle track, which we followed as it ascended gradually. By now the sky had started to cloud over, but it was only a short walk up a small path through heather to reach the summit of of Carnan Eoin (HuMP), which we reached shortly before 5pm.

The views from the summit were good but it was very windy and it looked like rain was on the way so we didn't linger. After descending back to the vehicle track, we followed it behind the beach to reach the car shortly before 6pm, just as it started to rain.

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